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Since 1997, American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) has been a global leader in OE-quality, performance-driven aftermarket parts and accessories for off-road recreational driving and overland adventure travel. AEV has since grown into a symbol of quality in the off-road industry. AEV products, designed for Jeep, Ram, and Chevrolet vehicles, undergo OE-level testing, ensuring improvement in aesthetics, functionality, and drivability on all terrains.

Off-Road Mastery

Embark on a journey into the heart of American Expedition Vehicles (AEV), a legacy marked by a commitment to off-road mastery. With roots dating back to 1997, AEV has consistently pushed the boundaries of off-road innovation. Discover a tradition where precision engineering meets a passion for adventure, shaping every AEV vehicle into a testament of unrivaled performance and capability.

Excellence in Every Detail

Delve into the meticulous craftsmanship that defines every AEV creation. Through an unwavering dedication to excellence, AEV has honed the art of crafting vehicles that stand as paragons of capability and durability. From cutting-edge suspension systems to robust powertrains, each detail is carefully considered and refined to elevate the off-road experience. Explore a lineup where innovation meets perfection in every aspect.

Unleashing the Power of Adventure

AEV vehicles are not just off-road companions; they are manifestations of the spirit of true adventure. Roaring engines, purposeful design, and groundbreaking innovation converge to create an experience that transcends the ordinary. As you immerse yourself in the realm of AEV vehicles, anticipate nothing less than an exhilarating journey defined by power, precision, and an unyielding pursuit of automotive excellence.

AEV Wrangler JL Series

AEV Wranglers have solidified their reputation as one of the most versatile and dual-purpose vehicles available today. Whether navigating challenging trails or cruising on the freeway, the AEV JL350 and JL370 Wranglers excel in both environments. Meticulous attention was given to every detail in the development of this package, striking a balance to provide enthusiasts with enhanced off-road capabilities without compromising the beloved ride quality and handling that the JL Wrangler is renowned for on the road. AEV adopts an OE-level approach to engineering, testing, and development, ensuring that the JL350 and JL370 Wranglers deliver exceptional on-road performance, off-road capability, and occupant safety without compromise.

AEV American Expedition Vehicle Wrangler JL Series
AEV Wrangler JL Package Options

AEV JL350, AEV JL370, AEV JL370 Classic...


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AEV JT Gladiator Series

In a stride that echoes AEV's groundbreaking Brute Double Cab, Jeep has answered the fervent desires of purists with the introduction of the Jeep Gladiator – a mass-produced, Wrangler-based pickup truck. What sets the AEV Jeep Gladiator apart is its irresistible versatility, seamlessly blending the practicality and utility of a pickup truck with the unparalleled off-road capabilities inherent to a Jeep Wrangler. AEV's JT350 and JT370 packages for the Jeep Gladiator transcend boundaries, propelling this iconic vehicle into a realm where it effortlessly navigates the demands of daily commuting while embracing its true nature as an off-road adventure powerhouse.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles JT Gladiator Series Banner
AEV Gladiator JT Series Package Options

AEV JT350, AEV JT370, AEV JT370 Classic...


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AEV Prospector Series

Introducing the AEV Prospector, a versatile workhorse transcending the ordinary. Crafted on the foundation of the 5th generation HD Ram 2500/3500, this exceptional Prospector truck seamlessly blends the roles of a daily work companion and an off-road adventurer. Navigating far beyond the constraints of pavement, the Prospector boasts unparalleled off-road capabilities while maintaining refined drivability on the road. The heavy-duty steel Rear Bumper, coupled with the 3” DualSport RT Suspension System and robust 37” BFGoodrich tires, elevates the Prospector's off-road prowess to expedition-grade levels. Whether tackling daily tasks or embarking on thrilling adventures, the AEV Prospector stands ready for any challenge that crosses its path. Discover a truck that redefines boundaries and invites you to explore new frontiers with confidence.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles RAM Prospector Banner
AEV Prospector Standard Features and Available Options

AEV Stamped Steel Front Bumper, AEV Front Bumper Low Tube, AEV 3” DualSport RT Suspension, AEV-Tuned Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorbers...


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AEV Prospector XL Series

Iconic in name and imposing in stature, the AEV Prospector XL is the ultimate vehicle for back country excursions and long hauls off the grid. The AEV Prospector XL package includes AEV’s stamped steel front bumper with an available 16.5 winch, a heavy duty Rear bumper, 3” DualSport RT Suspension System, 40” tall tires and a number of other important upgrades to maximize the off-road capability of the Ram 2500 and 3500 without detracting from the hard working nature of these trucks. Designed with the enthusiast in mind, this is truly the ultimate adventure vehicle.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles RAM HD Prospector XL Banner
AEV Prospector XL Standard Features & Available Options

AEV Ram HD Front Bumper, AEV Front Bumper Low Tube, AEV Diesel Intercooler Shroud Kit, AEV Non-Winch Cover Plate, AEV HighMark Fender Flares...


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AEV Prospector XL Cab Chassis Series

The AEV Prospector XL Cab Chassis Truck is a no nonsense, turn-key solution for customers looking to build the ultimate expedition truck and want a proven, reliable platform to build on. These trucks aren’t just for adventure travelers, they are also an exceptional platform for agencies with a need for a high floatation, commercial work horse.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Cab Chassis Banner
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Cab Chassis RAM 3500
Prospector XL Cab Chassis

Step into the ultimate adventure with an AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Cab Chassis RAM 3500, featuring seamlessly integrated AEV components. Engineered for optimum performance on and off-road, this reliable chassis boasts a hassle-free experience—no air lines, no hydraulic fittings, just a proven formula for unmatched capability.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Cab Chassis RAM 5500
Prospector XL Cab Chassis

Embark on unparalleled journeys with an AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Cab Chassis RAM 5500, equipped with AEV components designed for perfect harmony. This robust chassis ensures exceptional performance both on and off the road, eliminating the need for air lines or hydraulic fittings. Experience reliability and capability at its finest with our proven formula.

AEV RAM 3500 Prospector XL Cab Chassis Features & Options

AEV Front Bumper, AEV HighMark Front Fender Flares, AEV 3″ Suspension Lift (Front), AEV/PSC Hydro Assist Steering, AEV Speedometer Recalibration, AEV 17×10 Katla Wheels...

AEV RAM 5500 Prospector XL Cab Chassis Features & Options

AEV Front Bumper, AEV HighMark Front Fender Flares, AEV 2″ Suspension Lift (Front), AEV Speedometer Recalibration, AEV Embroidered Headrests, AEV Branding Package...


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AEV Prospector XL Tray Bed Series

The AEV Prospector XL Tray Bed concept started out as a personal project of AEV’s President, Dave Harriton, which later evolved into one of the most talked about vehicles they have ever built. The original Prospector XL Tray Bed prototype was first shown at the 2013 SEMA Show and this off road truck bed was produced in a very limited quantity. From arid deserts to the frozen expanse of the Arctic, the Prospector XL Tray Bed proved that it could take on any adventure.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Tray Bed Banner
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Tray Bed RAM HD Front

The AEV Prospector XL Tray Bed, remains at its core a robust heavy-duty truck. Its towing prowess and substantial payload capacity make it a dependable companion for those seeking both rugged exploration and practical utility. Surprisingly agile despite its imposing 40″ tires, the Prospector XL Tray Bed maintains a remarkably low center of gravity. Enhanced by a 3″ DualSport Suspension, this adventure-ready truck not only upholds AEV's renowned capability but elevates the overall ride quality and handling to new heights.

AEV American Expedition Vehicles Prospector XL Tray Bed RAM HD Rear

The Prospector XL Tray Bed isn't just a vehicle; it's an adventure waiting to unfold. Whether conquering off-road terrains or cruising down endless highways, it excels in both realms. Venturing off the beaten path demands readiness for the unforeseen. Each Prospector XL Tray Bed stands prepared with a Warn 16.5ti-s winch, ready to tackle the toughest recovery scenarios. Because when your travels lead you off the grid, embracing the unexpected is not just a choice—it's a standard feature.

AEV Prospector XL Tray Bed Features & Options

AEV Front Bumper, AEV Intercooler Skid Plate, 16.5k Synthetic Winch, AEV Winch Hook Isolator, AEV 3” DualSport RT Suspension System, AEV HighMark Fender Flares (Front)...


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A Distinctive Ownership Experience

Embark on an Elevated Adventure with AEV: Experience Ownership Beyond the Extraordinary. Here's what sets the AEV ownership apart:

Comprehensive Coverage:
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Page Factory Warranty

AEV-built vehicles are fortified by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all AEV components, ensuring enduring quality throughout your journey. Benefit from a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on labor and installation.

Accessible Service:
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Page Nationwide Service

Experience the freedom of choosing any dealership for AEV service. The nationwide service network ensures that maintenance is a seamless, hassle-free endeavor tailored to your convenience.

Safety Standards:
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Page FMVSS Compliance

Safety is paramount at AEV. Their vehicles adhere to and exceed Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), reflecting their unwavering commitment to your well-being on every journey.

Craftsmanship at its Core:
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Page Proprietary Products

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, AEV's proprietary products showcase their commitment to excellence. From in-house manufacturing to private label creations, your AEV vehicle exemplifies meticulous craftsmanship without compromise.

Flexible Financing:
AEV American Expedition Vehicles Page Lender Retail Financing

Tailor your ownership experience seamlessly with our flexible financing options. AEV empowers you to integrate the package price into your payment plan, aligning your adventure with both your lifestyle and financial goals.

The information presented on this page is representative of standard package features and available options. Images may represent multiple models or packages. “Standard Features” are provided by American Expedition Vehicles. Confirm the features of your new premium lifted truck by contacting us and requesting additional information. We are an authorized AEV American Expedition Vehicles dealer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all AEV vehicles brand new?

Yes, all AEV-built vehicles are brand new, arriving directly from their respective assembly lines. While we occasionally offer pre-owned options, it's important to note that these vehicles may not be covered by AEV's comprehensive warranty. Feel free to inquire about our pre-owned AEV inventory for more details.

Do AEV Vehicles have warranty?

AEV vehicles carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all AEV components. Additionally, benefit from a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on labor and installation on completed AEV builds, ensuring reliable support during the crucial initial ownership phase. AEV-built vehicles retain the balance of the manufacturer’s warranty on non-AEV manufactured parts and labor, providing comprehensive coverage. For components sourced from third-party manufacturers, such as tires, winches, and non-AEV lights, their respective manufacturer warranties offer additional assurance.

Can I purchase AEV parts separately?

Certainly! We offer AEV parts for purchase. Contact our Parts Center to learn more about ordering AEV components. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing RAM or Jeep or require replacement parts, our Parts Center and Service Center are here to assist you.

Do AEV parts and accessories carry their own warranty?

Absolutely! All parts built by AEV are covered under a Limited Lifetime Warranty, providing comprehensive protection. Their fully staffed warranty department is ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns.

Isn’t it cheaper to build a truck myself? What are the advantages of buying an AEV-built vehicle?

While a skilled mechanic may attempt to replicate an AEV built vehicle, the advantages of selecting American Expedition Vehicles are unparalleled. Their commitment to expertise, quality assurance, warranty protection, resale value, and access to an extensive dealer network sets them apart. Since 1997, they've been leaders in the space, prioritizing quality. When you choose AEV, you're not just getting a vehicle; you're investing in an unmatched driving experience crafted with precision and excellence.

How do I order?

Visit our dealership, where our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the purchasing process. If you have specific customization preferences, our team will collaborate with you to select the features you desire. Contact us to initiate the ordering process, whether you prefer a vehicle from our in-stock options or want a customized model.

Can I finance an AEV-built vehicle?

Certainly! We offer financing options for AEV-built vehicles, working with a variety of lenders to provide flexible solutions. Our team can assist you in finding the financing plan that suits your needs. Contact us to explore your financing options.

Customizing Your AEV Vehicle: Timelines and Options

The timeline for custom-ordering an AEV upfit can vary due to current logistics challenges and demand. The availability of a base vehicle on our lot for immediate sale could potentially reduce lead times. It's essential to note that specific timelines may vary based on various factors. We also maintain a rotating inventory of in-stock completed builds, providing options for those seeking a quicker turnaround. Our team is dedicated to delivering your customized AEV vehicle efficiently and with the quality you expect.

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